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Ground-based Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

JOYCE-CF Summer School 2019

From Monday, 2 September until Friday, 6 September 2019 the JOYCE-CF summer school for ‘Ground-based Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere’ took place in Bonn, Germany. The summer school was organized by the University of Bonn, Institute of Geoscience, Meteorological Section and the University of Cologne, Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology.

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20 Students from 10 different nations joint the summer school for an intense training and exchange with each other and their 11 lecturers. The experts shared their experience with remote sensing observations in their fields and gave detailed insights in their work and research.

The summer school combined lectures with exercises and in addition gave the students the possibility to get together and exchange each other together with the lecturers during a welcome barbecue, joint lunches and coffee breaks, a joint dinner at an old local castle and a field trip to the major instrument sights of JOYCE-CF.

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Insights into polarimetric radar observations for optimal precipitation estimation and additional combinations with other instrumentation for precipitation development and microphysical insights have been discussed. Instrument setups for cloud observations with multiple instruments, and boundary layer monitoring gave the students the possibility to extend their know-how, get insights into field related meteorology, and raise a general idea of state-of-the-art research.

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The whole program was also completed with the possibility to get to know each other in joint dinners with a garden barbecue and a restaurant visit at one of Bonn’s old castles, and field trips to the current measurement platforms of JOYCE-CF.

Selected Topics

  • Polarimetric radar and sensor synergy for retrieving rain and snow
  • Ground-based passive microwave remote sensing
  • Synergistic cloud remote sensing
  • Boundary-layer studies, wind profiling
  • Satellite validation by ground-based instrumentation


  • Domenico Cimini (CNR-IMAA)
  • Susanne Crewell (U. Cologne)
  • Volker Lehmann (DWD)
  • Ulrich Löhnert (U. Cologne)
  • Dmitri Moisseev (U. Helsinki)
  • Mariko Oue (Stony Brook U.)
  • Alexander Ryzhkov (NOAA)
  • Dirk Schüttemeyer (ESA)
  • Clemens Simmer (U. Bonn)
  • Silke Trömel (U. Bonn)
  • Dave Turner (NOAA)

Target group

The summer school provided a mix of lectures and practical exercises.

JOYCE-CF Summer School programme

Programme details and schedule may be subject to change and will be updated.


Bernhard Pospichal, University of Cologne

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